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Solodev CMS 9.5 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 9.5 Release Notes

Learn about the latest features and improvements in Version 9.5

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Solodev CMS 9.5 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev content management system. Version 9.5 further optimizes the performance of the platform and modernizes code to reflect current technologies and practices.

Noteworthy upgrades include fixes to the MySQL 8 database columns and code improvements to comply with PHP 7.4 standards. New features include the ability to specify multiple staging and origin addresses for a website’s virtual host (Vhost), as well as enabling admins to assign API tokens to other users in the system.

Key Release Highlights

  • Updated all references to “rank” column name, complying with the updated list of reserved words used by MySQL 8

  • Implemented Webpack in CMS to bundle underlying JavaScript libraries

  • Simplified process flow for adding websites and modules

  • Integrated “SolodevSSO” class for Single Sign-On via Solodev Cloud

  • Updated S3 paths for AWS CloudFormation (CFT) templates

  • Upgraded to PHP 7.4

New Features

  • Added support for multiple staging and origin addresses via “textarea” input

  • Added a new quick link to AWS configuration from "Website" settings dialog

  • Enabled admins to see all generated API tokens and create tokens for users

  • Added extra invalidation check for files in non-public folder locations


  • Added condition to filter out fileparse invalidation calls for stmls

  • Implemented meta modal on asset files for height fix

  • Improved mobile navigation resizing

  • Updated JavaScript to "Experiment" object interface

  • Enhanced validation handling on objects

  • Added invalidation call when uploading and overwriting existing documents

  • Updated S3 path from “aws-ha” to “solodev-cms”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with adding websites from Cloud

  • Applied name checks for various Solodev objects to prevent duplicate objects in the same folder

  • Updated “Datatable Category” image name styling

  • Removed search from group detail view

  • Improved file name checking when overwriting uploaded files with same name

  • Added extra condition to ensure correct spelling of “OAuth_Token” class is used

  • Updated “filemanager” table scrolling

  • Updated “ckeditor” files

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