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Solodev CMS 9.4 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 9.4 Release Notes

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Published in Q2 2021, Solodev CMS 9.4 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev Content Management System.

Key Release Highlights

From a feature perspective, 9.4 adds Captcha enhancements and a variety of UI updates.

New Features

  • Rework of Captcha to use a honeypot instead of session-based Captcha code


  • CMS-1710 - Refactor so that user data is not printed to the page via Javascript

  • CMS-1426 - Add Archive History UI component to website's htaccess asset file

Bug Fixes

  • CMS-1981 - Unable to add photos to event hub module using the upload feature

  • CMS-1976 - CSS styling causes bullets on contact index page to disappear

  • CMS-1975 - Delete icons hover above users and groups

  • CMS-1965 - PDFs displayed using fileparse unable to render on first load with Internet Explorer

  • CMS-1948 - User folder is not deleted upon deleting a user object

  • CMS-1918 - File uploads should prepend asset file id to name if the file already exists

  • CMS-1820 - Bad regex warning appears on installation of SpaceJet theme

  • CMS-1482 - Copying Calendar Entry takes user back to non-tab view


  • CMS-1716 - The Invite User(s) button is no longer visible when SSO is enabled

  • CMS-1646 - A CMS user can now invite a new user via SSO


  • CMS-1991 - Removed SEMrush data integration from website CMS Dashboard and prevented Dashboard from showing in Cloud/SSO Mode

  • CMS-1988 - Updated BYOL CloudFormation templates so that Enterprise deployments launch with Redis-enabled AMI

  • CMS-1983 - Reviewed dashboard website image generation and page thumbnails in Cloud

  • CMS-1934 - Check permissions being added when a normal user adds a folder

  • CMS-1728 - Added "Organization Name" field to Config view and settings.php so that Intercom users are automatically associated with a company

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