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Creating a pre-built form
Creating a pre-built form

Create stunning forms using the templates provided by the Solodev Forms GUI

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In Solodev Forms, graphical elements are organized into three categories:

  • Elements: HTML elements such as headers, containers, columns, images, and paragraphs are located here.

  • Templates: Pre-built forms with the appropriate form fields are found here.

  • Form/Inputs: All form input fields and form buttons are located here.

Developers can leverage the graphical elements in each category to create stunning web forms to capture customer or lead data.

Create a pre-built form

From the visual drag and drop editor:

  • Drag a container onto the blank document template

  • Drag a header into the container.

  • Edit the header text.

  • Drag another container below the header.

  • Drag the form template of your choice into the container below the header.

  • Enter the Name of the Form.

  • Click Browse and choose the appropriate directory for the form.

  • Click Save.

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