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Solodev Reseller plan
Solodev Reseller plan

Subscribe to additional Marketplace features and resell existing services and apps, manage accounts, and generate revenue.

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The Solodev Reseller plan extends the power of catalogs by providing Marketplace users with the ability to resell items. This includes pre-built apps, containers, existing services, and even support and consulting services – all of which can be resold at a margin to collect disbursements from active account subscriptions. The Reseller plan also allows you to view month- and year-to-date revenue from your disbursements to your bank account.

The Solodev Reseller plan includes several noteworthy features:

Dashboard: On the Overview page, Solodev resellers have access to a custom dashboard from where they are able to add catalog items, configure their banking information, add accounts, and render updates to their organization's profile that appear on their custom store page. Resellers can also update their organization's email address from the dashboard to retrieve notifications pertaining to important offers.

Custom store page: Solodev Marketplace provides resellers with a link to a personal storefront that they can share with their clients to retrieve a share of disbursements from third-party applications and services. Resellers can retrieve the link to their personal storefront by clicking the link next to their organization's name on the Marketplace Overview page.

Banking: Solodev Resellers must first provide their banking information to receive disbursements generated from active subscribers. They can do so using the banking page view.

Reports: The reports page view allows Solodev Sellers and Resellers to view their account history, monthly and year to date revenue. To access reports for catalog items email

Accounts: The Solodev Reseller plan provides Marketplace users with a dedicated Accounts view page where they can view a list of all their clients and Status (Active, Invited, and Inactive) and add new clients. Learn more about managing Solodev Accounts.

How to add your banking information

Solodev Resellers can add their banking information to receive disbursements from active subscribers.

  • From the Solodev Dashboard, click Marketplace.

  • Under the Settings heading in the Marketplace, click Banking.

  • Enter the Address, City State or region, Zip code, and Country.

  • Use the radio button to select one of the two options: Personal bank account or Business bank account.

  • Enter the Bank account holder’s name, Routing number, and Account number.

  • Click Save.

How to generate reports

Solodev provides Resellers with month and year-to-date revenue generated from customer purchases and subscriptions. To obtain these reports, Resellers must submit a request to Solodev at

How to add accounts

To add active subscribers to receive disbursements, please follow the steps below.

  • From the Solodev Dashboard, click Marketplace.

  • Under the Reseller heading in the Marketplace, click Accounts

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