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Solodev CMS 9.3 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 9.3 Release Notes
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Solodev CMS 9.3 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. This version of Solodev CMS includes a greater integration with Solodev Cloud, increased support for native AWS services such as Redis Clusters and Backup Manager, and improved image/thumbnail generation. Additional features include a new Collaboration view that improves upon the existing Feedback task system. Bug fixes include better image/document upload handling and escaping automatically generated Meta Descriptions.

Key Release Highlights

  • New Collaboration view and improved Collaboration/Feedback tasks

  • Support for AWS Redis Clusters, AWS Backup Manager, and Application Load Balancers (ALBs)

  • New "Stager" role permission

  • Improved thumbnail generation and thumbnail image management

New Features

  • CMS-335 - Add support for SVG tags

  • CMS-1550 - Greater support for website and webpage screenshot images within the CMS

  • CMS-1704 - Add support for custom "error_document" for calendar and datatable entries that are expired or in draft

  • CMS-1897 - Add the link path to view of asset files like images and pdfs

  • CMS-1950 - Integrate new Collaboration fly-out modal

  • CMS-1951 - Redesign Feedback fields into new Collaboration view

  • CMS-1961 - Integrate Solodev Cloud with "Update Website"

  • CMS-1962 - Integrate Solodev Cloud with "Add Module"

  • CMS-1966 - Shutterstock Integration for media uploads

  • CMS-1978 - Add support for optional redis cluster to Enterprise deployments

  • CMS-1982 - Add support for AWS Backup Manager to Pro/Enterprise deployments


  • CMS-902 - Force file tree to update active class as new tabs are opened

  • CMS-1338 - Improve capability to search within subfolders

  • CMS-1669 - Remove generated thumbnail images if parent image is deleted

  • CMS-1711 - Add thumbnail preview image to attachments section for calendar entries

  • CMS-1717 - Improve rotation of MongoDB logs

  • CMS-1739 - Add new "Stager" permission role so users can draft/stage content but not publish

  • CMS-1894 - Change CloudFormation templates for Enterprise deployments to use an application load balancer (ALB) instead of a classic/elastic load balancer (ELB)

  • CMS-1898 - Update breadcrumb shortcode to include aria-labels on breadcrumb links

  • CMS-1926 - Add "Draft/Publish" status (entry_status) within the module grid

  • CMS-1938 - "Forms" route should just show datatable type "Website Form"

  • CMS-1968 - Prevent app backend from being crawled

  • CMS-1970 - Add default options to "Expire Date" on file

  • CMS-1971 - Improve efficiency of searching for users/groups while setting permissions

  • CMS-1987 - Improve efficency of MongoDB heal script in relation to servers turning ouff behind a load balancer

Bug Fixes

  • CMS-1502 - Folders embedded in a DynamicDiv are clickable and open a new tab

  • CMS-1764 - Automatic parsing of content to populate meta description should ignore double quotes

  • CMS-1789 - When clicking "Maximize" button in page editor, publishing/editing buttons are hidden

  • CMS-1790 - Websites grid does not show the hand cursor when hovering over grid objects

  • CMS-1817 - Non client/super admin users cannot add documents to File Groups

  • CMS-1941 - Uploading/overwriting images does not update their icon/thumbnail

  • CMS-1942 - The "Browse" option related to file uploads within the Add Entry modal defaults to the parent folder and not "_Assets"

  • CMS-1958 - Next and Previous module entry arrows produce app errors if user is logged out

  • CMS-1969 - Mailer_Manager isset checks for smtp_username and smtp_password but not smtp_host

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