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Subscribe to a Solodev Seller plan
Subscribe to a Solodev Seller plan

Activate your Solodev Seller plan and monetize your applications.

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Marketplace users can upgrade from a Developer plan to a Seller plan for a fee of $99/month from the Profile page view. Before upgrading, please note the prerequisites listed below.


The following tasks should be completed before upgrading to a Seller Plan:

  • Users should have a credit card on file.

  • Custom applications should be containerized.

Activating your Solodev Seller plan

  • Click Marketplace from the Solodev Dashboard.

  • Under the Settings section of the marketplace dashboard, click Profile.

  • In the plan section, click the Change button located beside the change plan description.

  • Click Choose Plan on the seller card.

  • Review your payment details or edit them by clicking the Edit button.

  • Review the subscription rate and click Subscribe.

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