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Solodev Developer plan
Solodev Developer plan

A short description of the developer plan and the developer dashboard.

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As discussed in our Marketplace overview, Solodev Marketplace is a virtual shopping mall for web developers and organizations that gives them the power to monetize custom built applications or resell third-party services to generate revenue. Once the marketplace is enabled, Marketplace users are subscribed to a free Developer Plan by default. Each Marketplace Plan share three foundational options: Catalog, Profile, and Overview.

The Developer dashboard

Overview: The overview page view in the marketplace dashboard provides developers with a list of the most recent catalog items in a card view and the option to add a catalog item. Learn more about managing catalogs.

Catalog: The catalog page view in the marketplace dashboard provides a list of all catalog items. From here, developers can filter catalog items by fulfillment, sort catalog items by Name, Type, Date modified, and author, sort catalog items via drag and drop, add catalog items, and edit existing catalogs. These catalogs can be shared with other users via organizations

Profile: The profile page view in the marketplace dashboard allows the developer, seller, or reseller to set a name, URL, and Description or bio that will be displayed on the front-end page. Developers can also change their plans to extend the power of their Catalogs and unlock additional marketplace features here.

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