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Enable/disable access to your catalogs
Enable/disable access to your catalogs

Configure permissions for your organization's catalog Items.

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Solodev Marketplace is powered by Catalogs, which are custom-curated libraries of apps and services. Catalogs are essential to Marketplace, as they enable a user or organization to share access to their apps and services with other users – or sell their catalog items.

­Catalogs can be either private or public, allowing a user or organization to control what is accessible to others. To set up the private or public permissions on your organization’s catalog:

  • Browse to your main dashboard.

  • Under “SETTINGS,” click “Profile.”

  • At the bottom of the page, select your status:

  • Enable private catalogs: to deploy and sell from private catalogs of users in your own org, or

  • Allow catalog access: so other users in your org can access your private catalog.

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