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Solodev Marketplace overview
Solodev Marketplace overview

A short introduction to Solodev Marketplace and its use cases in Solodev Cloud.

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Solodev Marketplace is a virtual shopping mall for web developers. It brings together the most advanced digital marketing and cloud technologies for building amazing websites, apps, services, containers, and more – all in one place. It’s also an ecosystem for developers and organizations to monetize their own custom-built apps or resell third-party services to generate revenue.

In this collection, we’ll cover a few key concepts and practices that make it easier to activate, use, and start selling in Marketplace, including:

- Enabling Marketplace

- Managing Catalogs

- Understanding Fulfillment Types

- Subscribing to Solodev Seller and Reseller plans

Solodev Store

It’s worth noting the distinction between Solodev Marketplace and Solodev Store, which features a curated set of third-party apps, cloud services, DevOps tools and more that can be browsed through the Solodev website. It is powered by Marketplace but offers a deluxe storefront that is exclusive to Solodev.

Solodev Cloud users can make purchases from the Solodev Store and have apps, themes, modules, and other items added to their account. However, with a Solodev Seller plan, they can also submit custom apps for approval and offer them for purchase in the Solodev Store.

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