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Add an email tickler
Add an email tickler

Send form submissions to a designated email address.

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In Solodev CMS, developers can add email ticklers to send form submissions to designated email addresses. For example, when a potential customer signs up for a free trial of your product, an email can be sent to your sales team to notify them of a possible lead.


Before adding a tickler, users should:

  • Create a website and a module.

  • Attach a web form to the module.

Add a tickler

  • In the Solodev Dashboard, click Modules.

  • Open the desired module.

  • Click Modify to bring up the modal window for the desired module.

  • Click Email Options to expand the accordion.

  • Enter a valid email address in the Tickler Email Address textbox.

  • Click Add.

  • Click Submit.

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