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Manage your websites
Manage your websites

A brief description of the actions in the website dashboard.

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After creating their website, developers can manage their websites from the Website dashboard. The dashboard options and their descriptions are listed in below.




The overview page displays a preview of the website, origin and staging URLs, a URL to manage the container or deployment hosting the website, a link to the developer's or seller's profile.


Directs the developer to the Solodev Dashboard.


Directs the user to a list of files and folders in the www folder.


Directs the user to a list of files and folders in the web files folder.

Accessing the Websites Dashboard

  • From the Solodev Dashboard click Websites.

  • Click the card for the newly created website.

  • The user is directed to the Website overview page and the websites dashboard.

Note: To learn more about managing web content, please refer to our CMS collection.

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