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Create a new website to get started on your developer journey.

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Developers are able to add websites to any of their new or existing containers and deployments. To get started with your developer journey please refer to the instructions below.


Before building a website, Solodev Cloud users should:

  • Secure a domain name and update their DNS record table.

  • Place a credit card on file.

Adding a Website

  • From the Solodev Dashboard click Websites.

  • Click the Add Website tile.

  • Enter the domain name for your website

  • Select a Timezone

  • If this is a new website, select Yes, if migrating an existing website select No,

  • Select from a new or existing container (or deployment) to host your website.

  • Select a private or public cluster.

  • Select a theme.

  • Upload a logo or accept the default.

  • Select your theme colors.

  • Click the Advanced accordion to enter website details such as: Website email address, phone number, Street address, City, State, Postal Code, and Social media links.

  • Click Add.

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