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Connect your AWS Account
Connect your AWS Account
Link your AWS account to Solodev Cloud to leverage granular permissions.
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Solodev Accounts allows administrators to link their IAM user to Solodev Cloud. Linking IAM users is ideal for administrators and companies who want to deploy their own public or private clusters to host applications and websites. AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service that provides administrators with the ability to securely control access to AWS resources. For greater security, administrators can provide access to their AWS account to specific users -- identities created with custom permissions. Access for those users can be simplified by federating existing identities into AWS.

What are IAM Users?

Instead of sharing root credentials with others, administrators can create individual IAM users within their account that reflect the roles of their company. IAM users are not separate accounts, but can be considered users within an organization (the administrator's root account). In addition to persons, users can represent applications. Administrators can create IAM users to generate an access key for applications deployed on the corporate network and needs AWS access.


To use this feature, users should create an account with AWS, create an IAM user and obtain an IAM User Access Key and an IAM User Secret Key.

Step 1: Adding an account

· From the Solodev Cloud dashboard, click Infrastructure.

· Click Accounts.

· Click the Add account card.

· Enter the Name of the account.

· Enter the Access key ID.

· Enter the Secret access key.

· Click Connect.

· The user is directed to the accounts page.

Step 2: Updating the account

· From the Accounts page, select the desired account.

· Click the Update account button.

· Administrators can change the Name, Region, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

· Once the appropriate changes are made, click Submit.

Step 3: Deleting an account

· From the Accounts page, select the desired account.

· Click the Update account button.

· Click Advanced accordion to display the Delete textbox.

· Type DELETE into the textbox.

· Click the Delete button to delete the account.

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