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A brief description of the types of services found in the Solodev Store.

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The Solodev Store allows developers to connect a variety of applications for use with the Solodev CMS system or standalone applications with services provided by Solodev and various third-parties. Developers can access the store from the Solodev website or via the Solodev Cloud application. Solodev Store offers four categories of applications: Applications, Modules, Themes, and Third-party applications and services. In these categories developers and organizations can find products and services to enhance functionality of their digital products, simplify data management and launch campaigns.


A library of digital products and services that are integrated with Solodev CMS and can be considered add-ons. These addons expand the features and capabilities of the CMS. For example, developers can leverage CMS addons to track customer engagement or drive campaigns.


A library of applications native to Solodev that allow the user to effectively manage website data. With modules, users can build, administrate and power content management features such as web forms, contact lists, employee listings, news or blog feeds, event calendars, photo galleries and so much more with little or no code.


A fully packaged set of templates that includes wrappers for headers and footers, style sheets, and color schemes that enables developers or administrators to rapidly deploy a website with little or no code and customize it to their liking.

Buying applications

Prerequisites: Before purchasing an application, administrators should launch and configure a live deployment or container and have a credit card number on file.

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