The previous article showed users how to upload files from their local machine into a folder on the Solodev CMS system. This article shows the user how to upload images via Solodev’s visual editor known as the WYSIWYG editor. 

The WYSWYG editor allows users to capture and format HTML data without the requirement of coding knowledge. 

Users commonly encounter the WYSIWYG when editing an HTML file or adding an entry in the prebuilt Solodev modules on the backend. 

Adding images via the WYSIWYG

  • Open a specific HTML file

  • When the file is opened, the user should see the WYSIWYG toolbar below the file action buttons (Draft, Stage, Publish, etc). 

  • Use the cursor to select an empty space in the document.

  • Click the photo icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar to bring up the image properties modal window. 

  • Next to the URL textbox, click Browse Server to bring up a file manager modal window. 

  • Next to the Search textbox, click Upload to bring up the Upload Files modal window.

  • Click Browse in the Upload Files modal window. 

  • Choose the file and click Upload

  • Click Choose File.

  • The user is taken to the Image Properties modal window where they can add Alternative text, set the width, height, border, HSpace Vspace and Alignment. 

  • Enter the desired values (if any) and click OK.

  • Click Publish

Note: Solodev does not accept files greater than 50MB in size. 

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