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Choosing and installing a Solodev stack
Choosing and installing a Solodev stack

Learn more about choosing and configuring a Solodev stack.

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Solodev allows users to choose from a wide range of Solodev CMS products to meet their project requirements. From the non-technical marketer to the robust developer, Solodev lets everyone work together -- building enterprise-grade websites or complex API-driven applications such as eCommerce shopping carts. Learn more about choosing a stack from the AWS Marketplace and configuring your stack with detailed installation instructions from our github repository.

Choosing a stack

Since the stacks offered by Solodev tend to differ in technical complexity, Solodev recommends that users choose their stacks based on project requirements and their scale. For example, if a customer and their organization would like to make a lifestyle blog to accompany their brand, Solodev CMS Professional Edition is an optimal solution for their needs. Descriptions of the Solodev stacks and links to detailed installation instructions from our github repository are provided below.


Before installing a desired stack, we recommend that you: 

Solodev stacks and installation instructions

A brief description of each Solodev stack and installation instructions are provided below.

Solodev CMS Lite Edition -- Ideal for small development projects. Solodev CMS Lite Edition provides users with advanced features and capabilities on a single web server. Available with convenient hourly billing or annual options. 

Solodev CMS Professional Edition -- Users are able to build a professional-grade website, app or portal with the power of Solodev, backed by PHP, Apache Mongo and more -- all on a single web server with an external Amazon RDS MySQL database.

Solodev CMS Enterprise Edition -- Quickly and easily deploy Solodev Enterprise to build websites portal or applications that can handle any amount of traffic, leveraging multiple geographic data centers for unmatched redundancy, security and scalability. 

Solodev CMS Enterprise Edition for Docker -- Fully containerized and designed for enterprise grade demands, Solodev CMS Enterprise Edition for Docker is powered by Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Solodev Content Management (CMS) for Kubernetes -- Designed for enterprise level demands and built on a secure architecture managed by Amazon EKS, Solodev CMS Enterprise Edition for Kubernetes allows users to focus on building, deploying and managing their applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. 

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