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Manage access to containers
Manage access to containers

Provide access to your containers by inviting users.

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Once a deployment is created, administrators can manage their deployments in a variety of ways from updating their deployments to adding websites and members. This document discusses best practices and steps for managing a deployment. 

Managing containers

Step 1 – Adding members 

  • From the containers page, select the desired container. 

  • Click the + icon located to the right of the Users heading. 

  • A modal window appears on the page where the administrator can type users’ names into the textbox.

  • Type the users’ name into the textbox and click Submit

  • The administrator is directed to the users’ page for the container. 

  • The members page for each container can be accessed by clicking Users

Note: Administrators are able to add members from the users page by clicking Members and Add Members.

Step 2 – Updating/Deleting a container

  • Select the desired container. 

  • Click Update Container

  • Click the arrow to the right of the Advanced section in the modal window to expand it. 

  • Type ‘DELETE’ into the textbox and click the Delete button. 

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