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How do I include media files in my web content?
How do I include media files in my web content?

Learn more about media files and including them in your web content.

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Solodev supports most media formats or files found on the web – including video audio and image files. Please note, that files greater than 50MB cannot be uploaded to Solodev CMS. For files greater than 50MB, Solodev recommends hosting the files elsewhere and embedding them into an html file. This document shows the user how to add media files to an html file. Before starting, Solodev recommends keeping media files in the www -> _ -> images folder or the www -> _ -> media folder.

Step 1 -- Upload a media file

  • Expand the www -> _ folder

  • Open the media folder. If it does not exist, create a media folder. 

  • Click Upload

  • Click Browse and select the video file from windows explorer.

  • Click Upload.

Step 2 – Add the video to an html file

  • Open the folder that contains the html file.

  • Open the html file that will contain the video.

  • Click Source and add the following line of code via html:

<div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">
<video class="embed-responsive-item" controls="" src="/_/media/sun_earth.mp4"></video>
  • Click Publish.

Step 3 – Adding the file to a page 

  • Expand the www folder and open the page that will contain the html file. Create the page if it does not exist. 

  • Select the dynamic div and click the html file to insert the content. 

  • Click Publish

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