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Solodev CMS 8.4 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 8.4 Release Notes

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Solodev CMS 8.4 boasts a series of new features, updates, bug fixes, and User Interface (UI) improvements to the Solodev platform. Solodev CMS 8.4 introduces an automated theme builder, CodeMirror implementation to make writing code in Solodev easier, and a series of platform-wide bug fixes. The release of Solodev CMS 8.4 will make web development on the Solodev CMS platform even easier for content authors, marketers, designers, and developers alike.

Important highlights from this release

  • Implemented CodeMirror and Search.

  • Added Auto-Theme Builder on Install.

  • Created Ability to Add Additional Subscriptions.

  • Improved UI for Form Upload.

  • Improved User Profile UI.

  • Improved Drag and Drop Form Builder.

  • Improved Validation to Back-end Login.

  • Added Redirect to Workspace after Website Install.

  • Added functionality to Table Schema Form Builder.

  • Fixed Bug Prepending IDs to URLs.

  • Improved Object Selection.

All updates for this release:


  • SCMS-442 DONE - Add Theme On Install.

  • SCMS-443 DONE - Add Redirect to www after Website Add.

  • SCMS-146 DONE - Account: Create add additional subscription functionality.

  • SCMS-247 DONE - Fixed Entry rewriting prepending IDs to URLS.

  • SCMS-292 DONE - Added Image, Submit Fields to Table Schema.

  • SCMS-312 DONE - Solodev Pricing Page via AWS(SaaS), On Premise.

  • SCMS-328 DONE- Sign up for new single server and build demo website - demo10.

  • SCMS-358 DONE - Test import package page - Meta Desc & Keywords.

  • SCMS-393 DONE - Datatable & Calendar Resaver.

  • SCMS-394 DONE - Code Mirror Styling.

  • SCMS-412 DONE - Add Website Loader.

  • SCMS-425 DONE - Code Mirror Search in document.

  • SCMS-399 DONE - Improved Object Selection.

  • SCMS-413 DONE - Improved UI for Form Upload.

  • SCMS-418 DONE - Enabled Server/Theme Builder Synchronization.


  • SCMS-268 DONE - Disabled Zero Integer Save in Module Fields.

  • SCMS-379 DONE - Enabled Page Publish with Active JS.

  • SCMS-386 DONE - Fixed Initial Module Entry Save.

  • SCMS-398 DONE - Improved User Profile UI.

  • SCMS-400 DONE - Improved Form Builder.

  • SCMS-405 DONE - Added confirmation before deleting a category.

  • SCMS-406 DONE - Improved UI on Alias Property.

  • SCMS-414 DONE - Added Improved Validation to Backend Login.

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