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Solodev CMS 8.5 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 8.5 Release Notes
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Solodev CMS 8.5 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. Solodev CMS 8.5 introduces a new and improved business theme (WebCorpCo), redesign of calendars and datatables to make their creation and management easier, an updated API to expose module data for use in third party applications, and a series of platform-wide bug fixes. The release of Solodev CMS 8.5 makes the use of short codes more intuitive and the creation of modules using calendars and datatables easier and more powerful for non-technical administrators. The release of Solodev CMS 8.5 makes the creation, modification, and management of web content in Solodev easier for developers, marketers, and administrators alike and incorporates feedback from the entire Solodev community. Enjoy!

Important highlights from this release

  • Improved user feedback when working with a modules table schema.

  • Released new and improved business theme (WebCorpCo).

  • Updated layout of modules to improve ease of use.

  • Added subtext descriptions through CMS to make more intuitive.

  • Implemented modules pre-populated with HTML forms for all dropdown options.

  • Improved dynamic div (drop zone) ability to make inserting content easier.

  • Added spellcheck for HTML WYSIWYG.

  • Improved inline editing functionality.

  • Made improvements to Table Schema.

  • Implemented a way to make images included via stylesheets.

All updates for this release:


  • SCMS-485 DONE - htaccess to enable images from included css.

  • SCMS-486 DONE - Width and height being set on uploaded images.

  • SCMS-488 DONE - Javascript errors in content prevents dynamic div insertion.

  • SCMS-489 DONE - Display Columns for Calendars and Datatables.

  • SCMS-490 DONE - Show form only if datatable type is set to form.

  • SCMS-492 DONE - Uploaded files have their names changed (dots to dashes).

  • SCMS-494 DONE - Clean URL function - The Datatable Version.

  • SCMS-501 DONE - Prevent double submit on user creation.

  • SCMS-503 DONE - Expire detail pages after end date.

  • SCMS-508 DONE - Improve dynamic div functionality when dealing with faulty content.

  • SCMS-459 DONE - Datatable with No Form Template Should Still Show Something by Default.

  • SCMS-460 DONE - homeTemplate.tpl (webcorpco) needs one more DD.

  • SCMS-461 DONE - Not allowing Page Publish when Meta Info is Changed.

  • SCMS-465 DONE - Spellcheck for HTML WYSIWYG.

  • SCMS-476 DONE - Blank template generates stml off of root.

  • SCMS-477 DONE - Add Calendar Template.

  • SCMS-480 DONE - Update Calendar Template.

  • SCMS-481 DONE - Update Datatable Template.

  • SCMS-482 DONE - System -> Users Folder Displaying Old Icons.

  • SCMS-483 DONE - Add Datatable Template.

  • SCMS-484 DONE - Module Fields and Layout Cleanup.

  • SCMS-506 DONE - Inline editor strips out links.

  • SCMS-511 DONE - Permissions for Assignment Ticklers.


  • SCMS-462 DONE - Adding Table Schema Fields After Creating Module.

  • SCMS-468 DONE - Users Profile to display API Key/Token.

  • SCMS-470 DONE - API Calls return no data or errors in console.

  • SCMS-474 DONE - Improve Functionality on Datatables.

  • SCMS-499 DONE - Updated URLs for images inserted via WYSIWYG.

  • SCMS-505 DONE - Inserted javascript causing dynamic divs not to appear.

  • SCMS-510 DONE - Test STML stub updating when title is updated.

  • SCMS-514 DONE - WYSIWYG moves shortcodes around.

  • SCMS-515 DONE - Adding New Entry does not show entry #.

  • SCMS-516 DONE - Create warning when users delete fields via table schema.

  • SCMS-517 DONE - Calendars created without template (via table schema) are overwritten by dropdown. 

  • SCMS-518 DONE - Calendar -> Activate "Enable Attachments" if Type = Photo Gallery.

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