Solodev CMS 8.8 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. The latest version of Solodev introduces several new initiatives including support for PHP 7 and the integration with NPM scripts, primarily utilized so that websites can be constructed as packages with all styles and JS files dynamically compiled. The capability to Import/Export packages or folders has also been comprehensively overhauled so as to include support for “package variables”, a package importing wizard, and support for user permissions within a package. Additionally, Solodev 8.8 introduces specific “Branding” and “App” components so that organizations have the capability to create a custom backend user experienced tailored uniquely to their own set of brand styles. Several accessibility enhancements have also been included, particularly in relation to the WYSIWYG editor and its raw HTML output. Bug fixes focused on character encoding, support for older versions of PHP, and patches to existing shortcodes. Enjoy!

Key Release Highlights

  • Added Restore/Dev syncing capabilities where a separate development instance can be created and synced with a production environment.

  • Overhaul of Import/Export of packages, including adding package variables and a comprehensive import wizard.

  • Support for PHP 7.

  • Backend branding capabilities.

  • Quick links to modules and forms (datatables & calendars) on dashboard view.

  • NPM Integration.

  • Support for custom application views.

  • Accessibility updates to the WYSIWYG editor.

All Release Updates


  • Commit 039db93: CKeditor bold tag update; geocoding URL needed to be https.

  • Commit 353c6b2: App permissions during import process.

  • Commit a774e9a: Added SSL redirect logic to stmls when site_wide_ssl property is set.

  • Commit b9882ac: Added privacy banner shortcode.

  • Commit 52d26ce: Added in where string for full_calendar shortcode.

  • Commit 8512581: Added Users folder for detecting import path.

  • Commit 774604b: Shortcode ability for page title and meta.

  • Commit 445b172: Branding / custom app integration into Solodev.

  • Commit 62bd639: Update to the NPM install command for Linux.

  • Commit f46054f: Adding in color picker to the import process with variables in the importer itself.

  • Commit 3212339: NPM integration on package importing and asset_file publishing.

  • Commit 066a489: Added in alert for deleting gallery attachments.

  • Commit 6b9c7cd: Added in warnings for file manipulation on entries.

  • Commit f38e09e: Update to structure for dashboard modules.

  • Commit 75ac529: CMS branding overwrite option for users to choose logo and custom CSS to change default styling.

  • Commit 661af6b: Accordion shortcodes.

  • Commit 046e3dc: Docker preparation and support for PHP 7.

  • Commit aa4a668: Put in decoding for find and replace import fields.

  • Commit 56366d8: Import / Export package overhaul that allows site wide find replace and company variables to be defined on a template basis.

  • Commit d7cb5fe: Added in new Restore module object with associated views and file manipulation.

Bug Fixes

  • Commit 413cb87: Update to app including meta tag updates on stmls and fix to displaying calendar properties.

  • Commit 86433: Origin replace on API calls and ucwords fix for older PHP versions.

  • Commit da3a406: Patch for MySQL and PHP 7.

  • Commit c5535b2: Captcha missing tag fix.

  • Commit e8e87cc: fixes, and AuthorizeNet integration update.

  • Commit f8b96ca: Publish files on WYISWYG upload.

  • Commit b155592: Fixes for sanitizing html characters.

  • Commit ac72948: Escape characters upon export command.

  • Commit d69ebc3: Updated domain regex since where special characters were detected as being incorrect.

  • Commit 8f6003e: CK update for displaying shortcodes.

  • Commit 008052c: Update to validation errors for API.

  • Commit 0095a6f: Patch update to pager that was missing some closing tags.

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