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Solodev CMS 8.9 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 8.9 Release Notes

Learn more about Solodev CMS v8.9.

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Solodev CMS 8.9 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. The primary purpose of the the version was to introduce the Beta version of Solodev 9.0, prepare the underlying app for this upcoming release, and incorporate a number of improvements/bug fixes to better support the Verion 8 lifecycle.

Key Release Highlights

  • Introduction of Solodev Beta views.

  • Improved Add Website workflow.

  • Better support for website packages.

  • Better support for Solodev on Docker containers.

New Features

SCMS-548 - Incorporate BETA version of upcoming Solodev.


  • SCMS-543 - Remove header and move profile to the left navigation.

  • SCMS-549 - Update new login page.

  • SCMS-603 - New user form fields.

  • SCMS-633 - Add website wizard modifications.

  • SCMS-634 - Import package website modifications.

  • SCMS-645 - Add support chat feature to app.

Bug Fixes

  • SCMS-605 - My Profile "submit" button is partially hidden.

  • SCMS-616 - Uncaught SyntaxError when viewing STML page.

  • SCMS-624 - Websites session issue.

  • SCMS-625 - Count() warning on add Datatable/Calendar.

  • SCMS-639 - Docker/Apache needs to restart after adding website.

  • SCMS-640 - Docker emails not sending.

  • SCMS-650 - Codemirror find (CTRL + F) does not work.

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