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Solodev CMS 9.0 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 9.0 Release Notes

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Solodev CMS 9.0 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. This version of Solodev includes a comprehensive re-imagining of the Solodev backend with updated views, templates, and styles. A streamlined left nav allows users to quickly access common components such as Managers and Users. Table grids have been given a styling overhaul as have action buttons so that users clearly see what actions are available on a given view. All dependencies such as Boostrap and jQuery have been updated to the latest stable versions. New password policies are now in place to encourage more secure user passwords and sessions. Bug enhancements include fixes to the package importing process and dependency script errors.

Key Release Highlights

  • A comprehensive UI update for improved views.

  • A new action modal that presents clear user actions and input fields.

  • Updated dependencies to latest stable releases.

  • New password and session policies for enhanced security.

  • Improved Apps and Branding functionality.

  • New "Marketplace" so that users can quickly add managers and apps.

  • Improved Add Website process including the introduction of the LunarXP theme.

New Features

  • SCMS-454 - Add SSL capabilities to Solodev back-end.

  • SCMS-599 - Add new "Roadmap" view.

  • SCMS-654 - Logout invalidates session.

  • SCMS-655 - Password strict comparison.

  • SCMS-675 - Add new "Add Website" view.

  • SCMS-685 - Add timezone to user settings.

  • SCMS-686 - Add timezone to website settings.

  • SCMS-689 - Global STML check for website timezone.

  • SCMS-698 - Users - validation on change password.

  • SCMS-721 - Add new "Users" view.

  • SCMS-722 - Add new "Groups" view.

  • SCMS-729 - Add Apps view to Solodev backend.

  • SCMS-731 - Styling - Move CSS & JavaScripts assets to global/minified includes..

  • SCMS-733 - Add new "Permissions" view.

  • SCMS-736 - Add new "Workflows" view.

  • SCMS-744 - Add new "Branding" view.

  • SCMS-745 - Add new "Managers" view and functionality to download remote managers.

  • SCMS-761 - Create shortcode that can query users within a folder and a specific user group.

  • SCMS-763 - Add new "LunarXP" installable website package.

  • SCMS-798 - Add new "Reports" view.

  • SCMS-802 - Add selector so as to add users to a specific group.

  • SCMS-849 - Rework user functionality so that they receive invite email.

  • SCMS-897 - Add new action icons.

  • SCMS-931 - Add Blog posts to Solodev dashboard.

  • SCMS-933 - Add new flyout "Action" modal.

  • SCMS-1029 - Rework STML view so that it occupies larger portion of viewpoint.

  • SCMS-1040 - Add file information to Meta panel.

  • SCMS-1088 - Update Chef scripts to successfully configure SSL details.

  • SCMS-1103 - Force backend SSL once SSL has been verified.

  • SCMS-1113 - Add CMS version number to login screen.

  • SCMS-1167 - New shortcode that checks if an entry is mapped to a detail page and, if so, return the entry path.

  • SCMS-1169 - Add an additional header insert field to mapped calendar entries to be used under the META panel.

  • SCMS-1186 - Integrate experiments with Google Optimize.

  • SCMS-1213 - Add Publish/Stage/Draft picker to STML view.

  • SCMS-1266 - Add permissions selector for the grid view.

  • SCMS-1289 - Add "Config" view.

  • SCMS-1339 - Add two inputs to the Config view under "SSL" for Load Balancer. URL/Dedicated IP and SSL Backend URL.


  • SCMS-487 - Force shortcodes in WYSIWYG editor to render as block elements.

  • SCMS-534 - Refactor session to use JWT.

  • SCMS-626 - Update Boostrap 3 to 4.

  • SCMS-656 - Improved user password policy.

  • SCMS-657 - Improved session timeout.

  • SCMS-659 - Improved password abuse policy.

  • SCMS-660 - Improved password reset link.

  • SCMS-672 - NPM Compiling Modifications.

  • SCMS-730 - Switched to Font Awesome 5 for icons.

  • SCMS-806 - Force backend templates to process shortcodes.

  • SCMS-878 - Dynamic activity log and groups memberships on user profile.

  • SCMS-926 - Add notificaiton/status to Delete Website operation.

  • SCMS-1027 - Rearrange fields in Meta modal on STML pages according to importance.

  • SCMS-1061 - Remove padding from DynamicDiv view.

  • SCMS-1168 - Add URL display for mapped manager entries.

  • SCMS-1214 - Prevent STMLs from inserting into DyamincDivs by forcing them to open up in a new tab.

  • SCMS-1215 - Apply discussed changes to stmls.

Bug Fixes

  • SCMS-493 - Publish asset file on copy/move.

  • SCMS-527 - "Target" attribute stripped from WYSIWYG in category description.

  • SCMS-533 - Exported package not bringing over manager image fields.

  • SCMS-536 - Manager inputs covert long number strings to scientific notation.

  • SCMS-969 - Modify modal on user and groups doesn't dismisses after submitting.

  • SCMS-994 - Fix icon clicks in datagrid to properly open new tab/detail view.

  • SCMS-999 - Website Settings modal content can get hidden under bottom button bar.

  • SCMS-1002 - Proper 404 response headers on "unlicensed" responses.

  • SCMS-1010 - Timezone on "Modify User" not working.

  • SCMS-1109 - Add bottom padding to the object chooser modal so that list is not cut off.

  • SCMS-1131 - Missing icons associated with embedding a file group into an STML.

  • SCMS-1143 - If the user is in the Website's section, they can open up additional tabs of the same asset file via the table grid and file tree.

  • SCMS-1172 - Opening a manager's form template from inside a tab takes the user out of "Websites" and into the "Documents" section.

  • SCMS-1174 - Shortcodes do not process on "Add Entry" views.

  • SCMS-1229 - Exporting more than 60 entries from a datable doesn't work in Edge.

  • SCMS-1233 - Exporter doesn't bring over the associated shortcodes file in the config.json.

  • SCMS-1241 - Exporter does not recognize Experiments.

  • SCMS-1244 - "isPageTemplate" field is not exporting to config.json.

  • SCMS-1268 - "fileparse" URLs are not exporting and dynamically referencing their new location upon install on new instance.

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