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Solodev CMS 9.1 Release Notes
Solodev CMS 9.1 Release Notes

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Solodev CMS 9.1 contains new features, updates, bug fixes, and user interface (UI) enhancements to the Solodev platform. This version of Solodev primarily focused on improvements within the Solodev Platform itself including improved User and Group views, additions to the package exporter, the addition of product "Tours", and support for XML files. New features include a completely new "file browser" when adding images to module entries or via the content WYSIWYG as well as a horizontally resizable left navigation when viewing the file tree. Bug fixes include fixing JavaScript errors, fixing errors in Internet Explorer, and improved performance with module grids.

Key Release Highlights

  • Resizable left navigation.

  • New file manager/browser to select existing images or assets.

  • Better user and group profile images.

  • New password and session policies for enhanced security.

  • New Product "Tours".

  • Improved Module grids.

New Features

  • CMS-727 - Left Nav - Resizable Navigation.

  • CMS-1279 - Prevent logout when editing asset file for a continued time.

  • CMS-1386 - Add SEMrush website dashboard via API.

  • CMS-1449 - Create YouTube responsive shortcode.

  • CMS-1453 - Rework file upload to be Solodev-based file manager.

  • CMS-1514 - Add "external link" button on STML views that opens the live page in a new tab.

  • CMS-1526 - Add avatar random color functionality.

  • CMS-1533 - Add "Tours" section to dashboard.

  • CMS-1546 - Add camera overlay to profile picture that then produces an action dropdown.

  • CMS-1557 - Add role drop down to view permissions and enforce them.

  • CMS-1559 - Add "Tours" to the left navigation under "Support".

  • CMS-1700 - Fix hardcoded values in the add app dropdown.


  • CMS-998 - Validate website address to avoid duplicates.

  • CMS-1021 - Add additional "from_email" field check for processing datatable response emails.

  • CMS-1160 - Validation on password and confirm password does not dynamically update leaving error message in place.

  • CMS-1264 - Make the heading of entry details more consistent between calendars and datatables.

  • CMS-1345 - Add asset file backend path to Meta modal.

  • CMS-1360 - Exporter to dynamically change the ID attribute of the category_list shortcode.

  • CMS-1361 - Exporter to map images to category.

  • CMS-1362 - Exporter to map attachments/gallery images to entries.

  • CMS-1366 - Empty dynamic divs should by default have a border.

  • CMS-1367 - Modify entry URL to include preview attribute if entry is set to draft.

  • CMS-1385 - Ensure .htaccess is an asset file with appropriate archiving.

  • CMS-1387 - Add additional Vhost settings.

  • CMS-1389 - Deleting calendar/datatable entry from grid view to refresh the grid.

  • CMS-1406 - Have actions moved to the top of the page when on smaller screens (cms-mobile).

  • CMS-1421 - Show category's ID on category view.

  • CMS-1423 - Move CDN fields to their own panel/card under Website Settings.

  • CMS-1435 - Check ability to inject CSS classes inside the WYSIWYG.

  • CMS-1446 - Users should have the ability to install a Modules in a specified folder.

  • CMS-1447 - Clean up WYSIWYG buttons for regular HTML asset files.

  • CMS-1450 - Add domain validation to Add Website step.

  • CMS-1451 - XML files need to execute PHP.

  • CMS-1478 - On the "Modules" view, add a "Location" dropdown that would filter Modules based upon their location.

  • CMS-1497 - Order websites on dashboard by last activity.

  • CMS-1499 - Add "Recents" table to dashboard.

  • CMS-1506 - Update users grid to show full name and email address.

  • CMS-1545 - Profile pop over should slide out behind the profile bar.

  • CMS-1551 - On Modules view sort them by which one the user has made edits to entries.

  • CMS-1553 - "entry_status" (publish/draft) should appear in API endpoint responses.

  • CMS-1554 - Implement replace picture on profile.

  • CMS-1570 - Add aria labels to privacy banner shortcode.

  • CMS-1584 - Sticky infoDivs on scroll.

  • CMS-1585 - Sort by most recently edited website on the actual Websites route.

  • CMS-1586 - Add recently edited pages to the Websites dashboard.

  • CMS-1591 - Query tours based upon user role.

  • CMS-1593 - Add recent activity on user profile.

  • CMS-1611 - Show "no users" message for groups without users.

  • CMS-1621 - Add conditional check to calendar entries for "canonical_url" form field.

  • CMS-1665 - Add copy/paste from Word option to standard WYSIWYG editor.

  • CMS-1666 - Add text alignment and styling options to default WYSIWYG editor.

  • CMS-1668 - Allow the search input on the modules view to search the locations column.

  • CMS-1686 - Limit number of groups/members that can show in the grid column.

  • CMS-1689 - Limit number of groups shown on the users grid.

  • CMS-1712 - W3C HTML Validation issues.

  • CMS-1741 - Add sub-folders search in solodev admin.

Bug Fixes

  • CMS-513 - Entry URL stub does not delete after entry is deleted.

  • CMS-1124 - When removing Custom CSS related to branding, some comment is needed in order to save otherwise the file does not save.

  • CMS-1304 - User can be added to a group multiple times.

  • CMS-1341 - Javascript error when copying file.

  • CMS-1342 - Drafting/Staging causes asset file to not display properly in DynamicDivs.

  • CMS-1344 - Changing an asset file extension does not stick after submitting the change via the Meta modal.

  • CMS-1346 - The same asset file can be opened twice in two different tabs.

  • CMS-1352 - After import of LunarXP, datatable/form return templates are empty.

  • CMS-1354 - Slim error upon logging into enterprise server for the first time/starting session.

  • CMS-1355 - Enterprise builds return 400 (Bad Request) when saving calendar entries.

  • CMS-1356 - Submitting changes to website .htaccess/redirects modal throws a JS error.

  • CMS-1357 - CSRF errors on reset password form.

  • CMS-1369 - Action bar missing for datatable category group if opened via file tree.

  • CMS-1370 - SCSS asset update does not fully publish new minified css files.

  • CMS-1372 - Reset password link for user coming back as expired or invalid.

  • CMS-1388 - Display/hide columns for a grid display not working with custom fields.

  • CMS-1391 - WYSIWYG adds paragraphs between opening and closing shortcodes.

  • CMS-1393 - Chat help icon overlays the action modal.

  • CMS-1394 - A user cannot draft or stage changes to a Datatable form.

  • CMS-1430 - Logged-in users cannot de-map entries from categories.

  • CMS-1432 - Logged-in users cannot create datatable categories despite sufficient permissions.

  • CMS-1440 - If "display_columns" is empty in the UI, then the columns revert to showing everything.

  • CMS-1464 - Various "Choose File" bugs associated with the Solodev-based Filemanager.

  • CMS-1468 - Pagination with the Solodev-based Filemanager causes the modal window to close.

  • CMS-1487 - Columns in the manager entry grid are not adjustable.

  • CMS-1488 - If multiple apps are installed and visible, the left navigation is cut off on smaller screens.

  • CMS-1575 - "Browse" file uploader throws an error when used during the "Add Entry" process.

  • CMS-1576 - Forgot password validation breaks button placement.

  • CMS-1620 - Check issue were upon create/delete a null user is added.

  • CMS-1634 - Permission tables with too long of a name cut off the "Role" column.

  • CMS-1650 - Prevent group from being added as a member to itself.

  • CMS-1656 - Categories view extends off the screen, hiding the bottom most elements.

  • CMS-1660 - Inviting users on Firfox creates a loop that sends multiple emails.

  • CMS-1687 - XML Files return "Access Denied." Message.

  • CMS-1703 - recordOutboundLink is added multiple times to each link.

  • CMS-1705 - Various bugs in Internet Explorer.

  • CMS-1725 - Uploading a document through the WYSIWYG "Link -> Upload" button returns "Incorrect server response".

  • CMS-1738 - Certain actions cause the tabs to move up on the page, effectively hiding them from view.

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