The previous article provided a high-level overview of packages. This article shows users how to create a package to deploy to any Solodev installation. 

Note: Before building packages, users should have a finalized design and a clear sitemap. To learn more, please review the Building a custom website section in the Solodev documentation. 

Creating a package

  • Create a website. 

  • After creating the website, open the website and click Settings.

  • In the modal window click the Advanced tab to access the advanced options.

  • Click Export Package

  • The user is directed to a modal window that provides options to customize the export. 

  • Click the checkbox to Include manager entries in export

  • Click Continue Export

  • The user is directed to modal window to download the package. 

  • Click Download Package

  • The zip file will be found in the folder that is assigned to Downloads in the web browser.

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