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Learn more about authorizing requests to the API Module and search across module endpoints

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The previous article provided users with an overview of the Solodev System API and its frequently used endpoints. This article shows the user how to use the Module API to target search across the blog module as opposed to all modules. With the Module API, users can individually target different module types custom to their environment for management and expose them to external publishing channels such as websites and mobile applications. 

Step 1 – Authorizing requests to API Module

  • Launch the Solodev Module API

  • Under the Authentication section click the GET /beartoken tab. 

  • Click the “Try it out” button and enter the values for the token and token_secret.

  • Click Execute to generate a response. 

  • Under the Response Body section, copy the token value without the quotes

  • Click Authorize and paste the token value into the textbox. 

  • Click Authorize

  • Click Close

Step 2 – Search Across Blog Module

  • Under the Blog Endpoints section, click the Search route to open it.

  • Click the “Try it out” button. 

  • In the text-box next to qry string, enter the search term. This example searches for blog entries with “LunarXP” in the title. 

  • Click Execute

  • The Response Body returns blog entries with LunarXP in the title.

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