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Creating and configuring API tokens
Creating and configuring API tokens

Generate API key pairs and use your key pairs to authorize API requests.

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Solodev empowers users to extend their data and content using a built-in Application Programming Interface (API). Solodev provides the user with two API sets:

  • Solodev System API – allows users to store and deliver structured content using a headless version of Solodev CMS.

  • Solodev Module API – allows users to expose the data stored in modules to external publishing channels such as websites and mobile applications. 

This document shows the user how to generate an API key pair and use that key pair to authorize requests to both API sets.

Step 1 – Create a User 

  • Click Users located under the Organization section of the Solodev Dashboard.

  • Click Invite User(s) to bring up the Invite User(s) window.

  • Enter the Email Address and Group Name in the respective fields (press the tab button after entering each email address and group name).

  • Enter the message and click Submit.

Note: Solodev recommends creating groups and assigning permissions to those groups before creating or inviting users to the platform. Learn more about Solodev Groups.

Step 2 – Generate an API Key

  • Login to Solodev CMS.

  • Click Manage Profile to bring up the modal window for user options.

  • Click My Profile.

  • Under the Security section in the dashboard, click API Tokens.

  • Click the Add API Key button.

  • Review the warning in the Add API Key modal window and click Submit.

  • An API Token and API Token Secret are generated.

Step 3 – Authorizing request to API sets

  • Under the ADMIN section of the Solodev dashboard, click API

  • Launch the Solodev System API or the Solodev Module API (this example will use the Solodev System API).

  • Under the Authentication section click the GET /beartoken tab.


  • Click the “Try it out” button to enter the values for the token and token_secret.

  • To retrieve the API token, open the User’s profile and click API Tokens. Copy the value under the Token column and paste it into token textbox. 

  • To retrieve the token secret, click the eye icon and copy the value under the Token Secret column and paste the value into the token secret textbox.

  • Click Execute to generate a response. 

  • Under the Response Body section, copy the token value without the quotes.

  • Click Authorize and paste the token value into the textbox. 

  • Click Authorize

  • Click Close

Step 4 – Using the API

  • To use the API open any one of the end points below the Authentication section. This example will run the /asset_file Search under the Asset_File Endpoints section. 

  • Click the "Try it out" button.

  • Click Execute to obtain the Request URL.

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