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Create components based upon sections of your HTML
Create components based upon sections of your HTML

An overview of structuring your website with templates based upon sections of your HTML.

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Before you can build your website you first need to deconstruct your designs into common elements that can then be turned into theme templates. This process involves identifying common areas of the site that will be present across all pages of a website as well as design elements which are unique to specific pages. In identifying these components, you will be able to clearly structure your theme.

In Solodev, there are three kinds of templates:

  • Base Template: The base template is the most important template in that it contains the essential resources that will be included in every web page on your website. A base template typically consists of a header and footer, references to asset files, and dynamic divs to place content. Note that any changes you make the base template will reflect your entire website. 

  • Interior Template: The interior template is typically placed in the base template and serves as the interior of a "Section" of your website. The benefit in a content template is it can be re-used for sections of your website that require multiple pages, allowing you to re-use your content template to build out your web pages.

  • Sectional Template: A sectional template is a high level overview page with links to different sections of your website. Sectional templates can be used "at will" and there are 1,000s of iterations of what a sectional template should look like. For example, recent blog posts, recent news and testimonials sections on a homepage are sectional templates.

You can find more detailed information about the templates over here:
Create a Base Template
Create an Interior Template
Create a Sectional Template 

Before you begin putting HTML components into templates, you need to identify which components will appear on all pages and which components will be unique to some pages. Components such as header and footer go into the base template since every page needs a header and a footer but some components such as team member sections, product descriptions etc. need to be in a sectional template.

Next, we will talk about how to construct each type of templates.

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