In the previous article, we talked about that a sitemap is and how to build one. In this article, we'll show you how to implement that sitemap in Solodev CMS by creating the folder structure.

Implementing Your Sitemap in Solodev

Let's say we have this list that we'd like to implement on Solodev:

Here are the steps to build the folder structure:

  1. Open the web files directory.

  2. Open the content directory.

  3. Click Add Folder.

  4. In the form that appears to the right of the screen, enter the Name, Title and Description of the folder. Solodev recommends using best practices for naming, titling, and describing files, pages and folders.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Repeat steps bullet items 3 through 5 for the remaining folders specified in the sitemap.

  7. Add the same folders that were added to the web files -> content directory to the www directory.

The folders built in the web files -> content directory serves as a repository for HTML content.

Note: Although the folder structure in web files and www are pretty close to identical, there are some key differences to consider.

  • In web files, the content folder contains HTML and .tpl files whereas in the www directory the folders contain web pages made up of the HTML content from the folders in the web files directory.

  • The homepage (index.stml) is in the root of the site so it is not housed in a folder and lives in the root of the www directory.

  • An assets folder is required in the www directory to house CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, and Images.

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