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Subscribe to Solodev on the AWS Marketplace
Subscribe to Solodev on the AWS Marketplace
This article shows users how to subscribe to Solodev from the AWS marketplace.
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Once the user has created an AWS account and chosen their Solodev stack based on their project requirements, users are able to subscribe to the version of Solodev appropriate to the scale of their project. This document shows the user how to subscribe to the flavor of Solodev appropriate to their project requirements. 


Before subscribing to a desired stack, Solodev recommends that customers have: 

  • Created an AWS account. 

  • Reviewed the description of Solodev stacks. 

Subscribing to a Solodev stack

  • Sign into your AWS account.

  • Scroll down to access to the summarily described Solodev stacks. 

  • Once the desired stack is found, click the Quick Launch: AWS Marketplace link at the end of the short description.

  • The user is directed to the Solodev product page on AWS where they can see product overviews, reviews, and request support. 

  • Click Continue to Subscribe

  • Click Accept Terms to complete the subscription process. 

  • Wait until the subscription is processed. 

  • Once the subscription is processed, click Continue to Configuration and follow the installation instructions for your specific stack. 

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