"Aliases" within Solodev are domain-level 301 redirects whereas a specified domain redirects to the main or primary domain. For example, if you want "example.com" to redirect to "domain.com", you can use the Aliases feature within Solodev. Doing so will create a system-level "301 Redirect" vHost record for the specified Alias.

Step 1 – Accessing website settings

From the dashboard navigate to the desired website. Click on Settings on the right side of the screen.

Step 2 – Adding an alias

Under Aliases Add New Alias, enter the name of the Alias and click on the Add+ button. The alias appears below with an option to remove it. Click Submit button at the bottom of the Settings modal window to add the website alias.

Step 3 – Deleting an Alias

Once the user has navigated to the desired website, click settings and click the Remove button next to the alias to be removed. The list of aliases are located under the Add New Alias textbox. Review the warning, click OK and click Submit to confirm the removal of the alias. 

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