Solodev Marketplace allows administrators to connect native and third-party applications along with themes and templates to instances of content management systems hosted by deployments. Administrators can choose from three types of applications to add functionality, simplify data management, and launch campaigns.

Solodev (native) applications

From the Solodev Marketplace, users can choose from an array of built-in modules and tags to add functionality to their website or simplify data management. Users can customize and style their modules to enhance their customer’s experience. Native applications can be considered addons to the Solodev CMS instance.

Marketing or third-party applications

Administrators can choose from a variety of CRM, marketing automation and analytics applications to drive traffic and convert leads.

Themes & templates

Administrators can choose from a variety of high-end themes and customize them around their company’s brand mission – allowing them to launch their website or digital project at light speed.

Buying applications

Prerequisites: Before purchasing an application, administrators should launch and configure a live deployment and have a credit card number on file.

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